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Spring 2019

Fly-In season is almost here! Don't be caught with a dirty and unprepared aircraft. LuxAir can get you ready to stand out where ever you go.

Fly-In, Drive-In Breakfast

June 23rd 2019

LuxAir Aviation and P&N Flight and Charter are are proud to announce the Drive-In, Fly-In Breakfast on June 23 as a part of the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival at the Marion Municipal Airport! The Marion East Rotary is hosting pancake breakfast with sausages, eggs, orange juice, and coffee will be served for $8.50, or free to any pilots who fly in.

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Attn: Hobbyist Drone Pilots

Hobbyist Drone Pilots are required to notify airports within 5 miles of where they are flying.  The figure on the left shows a 5 miles radius from the Marion Airport, each time you are operating a drone within that range, please fill out the Notification Form Below.

5 Mile Radius from Marion Airport

Aircraft Traffic Pattern