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After hours without previous appointment policy:

1st hour at 1.5 x shop rate. Subsequent hours at 1.25 x shop rate. Minimum of 1 hour fee.

Outside parts policy:

We generally do not allow outside parts for several reasons. (There are some special cases that we will allow certain parts to be brought in, this will be decided on a case by case basis.) We will gladly work with customers to find the best price on parts. We use a graduated part markup system to provide the customer with a competitive and fairly priced part.


Parts and labor deposit policy:

In the event that the work being performed exceeds $5,000 you will be contacted and asked to place a deposit of 50% except in the case prior arrangements have been made. All payments are due with 15 days of receiving the bill, late payments will be subject to late-fees.

Warranty work:

LuxAir Aviation has a policy of 15-hour warranties or 30 days whichever occurs first, on labor for any defect in workmanship. This warranty is to be accomplished by us in our shop when at all possible. Any work done without prior authorization voids our warranty. Parts will be warrantied in accordance with the manufactures warranty.

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