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Pitot Static & Transponder Testing

Biennial VFR and IFR checks available

FAR 91.413 & 91.411 compliance



Monday through Friday: 8AM to 4:30PM

After hours by appointment

Shop Rates

​$85.00 - Single Engine Non-Pressurized

$92.00 - Twins, Pressurized, and Helicopters

Flat Rate Annuals​  

LuxAir Aviation uses a flat rate annual system.

Some of the more common aircraft prices are:


Piper Cherokee 151-180


Beech F33-A36




$1,800 - $2,250

Flat Rate Annuals Include

  • 3 hours of AD searching or creating a listing if none is provided.  (Actual labor required by AD’s is charged at regular shop rates.)               

  • Run up before and after.

  • Spark plugs cleaned, gapped, tested, and rotated.

  • Compression check.

  • Battery servicing.

  • Oil and filter change and inspection.*

  • Air filter change as required.*

  • Clean, inspect, and pack wheel bearings.

  • Lube aircraft and engine.

  • Check engine timing.

  • ELT testing.

  • Gear retraction check.

  • Tear down and close up aircraft.

  • Annual inspection checklist.

  • Wash aircraft.

*Parts and consumables are not included in flat rate​

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