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When commerical aviation doesn't get you close enough and when overnight express mail just isn't fast enough, air charter is you solution. LuxAir specializes getting small cargo and single passengers to thousands of general aivation airport that the airlines simply do not cover. Unlike ground transport, we can fly direct from A to B rather than following the roads. Unlike the airlines you can skip security, delays, fees, and fly shorter routes. LuxAir will find and broker an arragement with the best charter service for your needs. We serve our customers on an on-demand basis.  We understand the needs of urgent cargo and the importance of timely performance. We serve the airports that commercial airlines serve as well as thousands they cannot in small communities. Each charter request is tailored to your travel expenses and needs, we depart from the airport of your choice. We will fly you directly to your destination without delay. The pilot will layover and have the airplane ready for departure at your convenience. 

To get a quote on the cost of a charter flight, you can complete the form below. For more information or to schedule a charter flight call 1-844-589-2376.

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